Three Ways to Support Richmond’s First Responders

Vocally & peacefully support the police

Mayor Stoney’s face-saving tactic of paying for first responders meal’s supplied by local restaurants hurt by the pandemic was simply an attempt of putting a band-aid on a deep cut.  Mayor Stoney and his administration have been vocal and out front, but not for police; they’ve been out front for groups calling to defund the police nationwide.

People that know first responders or are related to one already know they need to raise their voice. Whether it’s challenging a friend’s misinformed opinion, espousing your support around the dinner table, or sharing a social media post about a positive experience you had with police; people need to know the importance of every police officer’s sacrifice and grow to appreciate their profession as a whole.

Speak at City Council meetings or write a letter to local elected officials

A lot of democrat-run City Council’s are presenting reforms to defund the police and, in some cases, abolish the police altogether. You and I know this is not a good idea and Richmond’s 2020 crime statistics showcase this as detailed in the excerpt below.

In the first five months of 2020, Richmond police reported 61 people had been shot and 20 people killed. But by the end of September, the number of nonfatal shootings had tripled to 187, and the number of homicides more than doubled to 49.

Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith, who took over the department July 1 amid a pandemic, civil unrest and the uptick in crime, has said the same.

“It’s a community problem,” Smith said of violent crime during a recent interview. “It’s a community issue that we all need to have a concern with, and also need to be involved with solutions, outside-the-box thinking, and general concern for our community.”

Citizens need to speak-up with the facts in-hand. You can see the Richmond City Council calendar here. Simply call-in and ask to speak at the next City Council or contact me, Mike D, on how to get speaking time reserve. You can also write a well-written letter to your representative which you can also share on your social media page.




Support First Responder events and fundraisers

Every year the Richmond Police Department has a Facebook page stock full of events where you can engage and make connections. But, in 2020, you can look for yourself, there is no events on the their calendar .

This is no coincidence. Police nationwide are entrenched and their events are being targeted by Antifa and related hate groups. If there are events being hosted to support police they are usually promoted under the radar. But if you happen to hear about an event or a fundraiser, every bit of gratitude and financial assistance means the world to our downtrodden first responders.

A vote for Mike D. is a vote for the men and women in blue!

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