Mike D’s Top Five GOP Policy Issues for Richmond, VA, 2021

Support for Law Enforcement

Safe streets are the bedrock of any city. Without law & order our society falls a part. In my article, Three Ways to Support Richmond’s First Responders, I detail three simple ways how every citizen can celebrate their local first responders.

  1. Vocally & peacefully support the police and other first responders
  2. Speak at Richmond City Council meetings or write a letter
  3. Support first responder events and fundraisers

Freeze the Property Tax

In this article I detail Five Reasons why Richmond Should Freeze the Property Tax because it’s important that a free citizenry always reserves the right on how they tax dollars are being managed or miss-managed.

  1. Property values have tanked due to Monument Avenue vandalism
  2. Many local businesses are suffering from the pandemic shutdown & economic fallout
  3. If schools aren’t in session why are we paying the same tax rate?
  4. The public needs to be ensured their emergency services don’t have their hands tied
  5. Discretionary spending on public amenities, like bike lanes, should be halted until Public Safety is restored

Repeal the Restaurant Tax Now

It is unfair for our restaurant industry to shoulder the burden of the budget deficit which is being strained by non-profit entities like VCU who are gobbling up scarce city property without having to pay its fair share into the tax pool. This is why Mike D believes Richmond Should Repeal the Restaurant Meals Tax Now.

  1. Penalizes small business & creates incentives for them to relocate elsewhere
  2. Unfairly targets one industry
  3. It’s an attack on tax-paying private equity holders

Demand Accountability from the Public Schools

Read Mike D’s 10 Quick Facts Why Richmond Public Schools Need Reform for an elaboration on the ten headers below. Every Richmond citizen needs to ask themselves on question, why are we paying higher taxes for worst results? If Mike D get elected he promises to be a relentless advocate both tax payers by addressing the high cost of bureaucratic squabbling.

  1. Paying more than ever for administration costs for worst results
  2. Our graduation rate for students is 72% compared to the state average of 93%
  3. One out of four students in the class of 2020 have dropped out.
  4. Our superintendent is more concerned with political emails than achieving results
  5. Out testing scores are on average is below 53 points below the state average.
  6. We have schools that are literally 100 years old
  7. Over half the Richmond Public city schools do not have a PTA
  8. Our schools are becoming breeding grounds for social justice warriors instead of productive citizens
  9. Schools inappropriately choosing sides in partisan debates and unfairly discriminating against law enforcement
  10. Every four years there’s a new four-year plan to save the city schools and none ever does

Defend Constitutional Rights

2020 has been a wake-up call for many citizens just trying to live their normal lives. The pandemic lockdowns and flagrant riots is only the start of it. Amid the chaos the Democratic party has been working at a feverish pace to strip our constitutional rights. Read more about their actions in my article: Three Attacks by Richmond City Council Against the Constitution .

  1. Restricting the Second Amendment
  2. Declaring when & where we can exercise our constitutional rights
  3. Extending the duration of statewide lockdowns under constitutional scrutiny

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