Is this what you want for Richmond?

Mike Dickinson will never vote to defund the police.
-Roger Stone



2. Run the City like a Business

3. Fix the City Schools

4. Lower Property Taxes

  • STRONG LEADERSHIP: A man that speaks his mind, that will raise hell and attack a problem head on. Mike D supports the police 100%. He believes in transparency with Law Enforcement. Your concerns need answers! Issues come from keeping the same people positions of power. For change, we need to change.

  • Run the City like a Business: The city often makes decisions that don’t fix the problems. We need to look at the budget and stop wasting money on things that are not going to better Richmond.

  • Fix the City Schools: Our City Schools are the problem and need to be fixed. There has been so much time, effort and money put else where and it would have been better put back into our schools. We can get 1,000 of people to come out and protest for Monument Ave. but can’t get a single volunteer in our schools.

  • Lower Property Taxes: Owning homes is the key to safe neighborhoods. Why are we punishing those who own properties? It is a reward to own something of your own and we shouldn’t charge the people of Richmond more because they have worked hard to own their own properties

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